Uupara Review by Florence Onyango

Of late I have been avoiding mainstream music, getting away from all the pop culture and looking or those hidden gems. I was pleasantly surprised with Rafiqi’s Uupara. Catchy beats, easy to follow lyrics. I found myself nodding my head and singing along. This for sure sounds like the kind o music I would play on the road, chilling at home and I can for sure hear it playing at a club. So basically, What I’m really sayings (pun intended) is Uupara will be on my playlist and I look forward to more from this new sound.

by Florence Onyango


DJ Twenty6 Remixes Kalimpantu

Good People,

We are all that describes excitment, joy,happier, partier & delighted in sharing with you DJ Twent6 mix of Kalimpantu, be sure to drop by their camp on — This Beat is Distorted fan page on Facebook.

“I felt the song had a great vocal performance so I decided not to overshadow, but to expose the depth of the song through basic drums and little or no synthetic sounds. So I chose to use a basic piano with 1 repeated note, a brass section on parts and another piano and xylophone fusion with a basic progression. The song deserves to have its message heard clearly, so the instrumental should be as simple as possible” says John Zgambo better known as DJ Twenty6

Feel free to share the tune with your network and speakers. Collect an authentic copy here.

Carnival Kulcha.. international OUT

Enjoy the video.. and now available to stream  and buy on most major online outlets.. Tnx  Rafiqi.

“CARNIVAL KULCHA” now available on iTUNES and AMAZON

Carnival Culture celebrates the diversity of Africa and the African Diaspora by paying homage to the role of Carnival traditions in allowing us to be who we are in the defiance of repression… This collaboration of Namibian, Kenya n and Trinidadian characters is a representaion of what goes down when we keep the party cultural…

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RMX – UUPARA by Paul Kerry

Uupara is back, one of our favourite tracks from Kalimpantu –  the translation mix by Paul Kerry brings a refreshing feel to the song. We are honored and just over-joyed to share this track with you, its FREE 2 DOWNLOAD, feel free to share it with your friends,family and partner.  a BIG SHOUT OUT to Christi Warner who features on this song as well.

“Here is my take on another one of your tunes. Once again… great song – great fun! Hope you enjoy it… ”  by  Paul Kerry



“Return of the Boogie Nights”

Jamukarie – Sound Track Video is OUT!!

Inspired by the pilot for the short film “Return of the Boogie Nights” produced by Myndz Community, music trio Rafiqi were casted for the pilot and were so impressed by the location and decided to use the site to shoot the music video Jamukarie.

” Its quite an urban mystical place,”says Ezeek, Rafiqi vocalist, “I remember at one point two white horses appeared from nowhere while we were shooting and the house itself, has a character of its own,”

The video has an erring feeling which reflects the mysticism surrounding the house.

“Jamukarie is a excellent piece of work, from a likewise brilliant project that is Kalimpantu the album, way to go Rafiqi!” Dj Dubwise

Images from the shoot

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Uupara remix by limoNero – just in

The Rafiqi-captained ship “Spread Luv thru music” docked in  Nerthelands recently to find limoNero; a hiphop and dubstep producer who translated Uupara- a single from Kalimpantu, the latest offering from Rafiqi, to a dubby hiphop mix  “I started producing in january 2009,” he names his main influences as; jay dee, el-p, 9th wonder, madlib, dan the automator and the rza.

A quick visit to his profile gives you a taste of what you can expect from limoNero. He says about working on Uupara, ” I wanted to make the mix a uptempo song…I treid to make the track ‘hip-hop’ (boom bap drums) but on the other hand I wanted to contribute to the ‘sound’ of  the vocals,” that explains the funky guitar one can hear on the track.

Listen and Download the mix here.

Know more about limoNero:

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Paul Kerry Mix – Kalimpantu


Its been a while since we last blogged, but between everything else we been Bless. We recently recieved a new mix of the lead single “Kalimpantu” from the latest album Kalimpantu from Paul Kerry which was a wonderful surprise. Visit his site and you will know what we mean.

So, in the spirit of spreading love through music, we offer the mix of Kalimpantu by Paul Kerry for FREE. We hope it will bring as much happiness to you as it did for us. Enjoy!!

RAFIQI – Kalimpantu ( Paul Kerry mix) by myndzaudio

Just recently I finished up work on “Kalimpantu” – a great song by a group called Rafiqi.It reminded me a bit of Johnny Clegg – one of my favorite artists. I invite you to take a listen, and if you like what you hear, you should check out more of their music – they were a nice discovery for me and I really enjoyed producing their track.” – Paul Kerry